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Grey Suede Rep Program

So You’re Interested in Helping the Grey Suede Name Grow?

We are offering a few spots to girls out there in the cyber world to help get our name out there!


Sooooooo We’ll Answer A Few Questions for You!

What Does A Rep Do?

  • There are three tiers to being a Rep: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. All beginning reps will start off with a bronze status and eventually move up. The Bronze status breaks down as follows:


  • Advertise at least once a week on at least ONE social media handle.
  • Will Be given various codes using their names for their followers to use
  • Every time the rep’s code is used to buy something online, their sales are added up. After the rep sells over $500, they will receive store credit of a set price, for free clothes.
  • Become involved in advertising Grey Suede events and sales, for example, Black Friday.

What Benefits Will I Receive?

  • Store Credit
  • Discounts
  • Experience for those seeking PR/communications/marketing/sales skills

Does It Matter That I Don’t Live Near Grey Suede?

  • Nope! We actually prefer if you don’t! This position is for online sales only!

What Types Of Girls Are Y’all Looking For?

  • Our Ideal Rep is above the age of 16, has many followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Very active in their community or school
  • Very social, creative, friendly, interactive, hardworking, and up to date on the latest trends!

Still Interested?

The Submission for this term has now closed!  We will be getting back to those we choose as reps by Valentine’s Day! If you do not receive an email back, we will be frequently increasing our rep numbers, so whenever we post a new opportunity, resubmit your app!