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Monday’s premiere not only revealed a lot of hot bachelors vying for Becca’s heart, it also unveiled a lot of girl power! Becca showed us an inside look of what those days were like after Arie confessed his love for Lauren. One thing is for sure, this girl knows how to bounce back!

I have decided this season not only would I give a recap like I did last Bachelor season, but I am also going to try to highlight all outfits we see Becca in this season!  I will give insight as to- Why I think her outfits suit her personality, date appropriateness, and how to recreate the looks in an inexpensive way! This recap I’m going to focus on the girl chat with four amazing bachelorettes.

Since this is my first time dissecting these outfits, and trying to recreate them, along with giving you a recap, I will try not to make my post too long but forgive me if I do! This week I am going to skip out on limo entrances (I’ll explain why later…) Anywho, Let’s do the da… Nevermind, let’s just get into it.

What you may or may not know is Becca, and every other Bachelorette/Bachelor has a fairy God mother… Well in this case, Fairy God Father. His name is Cary Fetman. Cary is a Celebrity & TV Wardrobe stylist and has dressed every Bachelor and Bachelorette in recent years. Cary also posts about the looks he puts together with details on his own instragram page, @caryfetman. Cary also picked the dress I wore when Nick Viall broke up with me, when I thought I was getting a proposal….LOLZ.

Cary and I both really loved the green and the ice blue, and in the end we went with the ice blue because it fit into the Finland winter wonderland theme. I told Cary I can't wear the white, due to how embarrassing would it be if I wasn't picked.. Thank goodness we didn't go with that..(We all know know what happened. Let's not relive it.…) Go follow him and you’ll see past bachelor’s and bachelorette’s outfit details.

This episode was really fun because not only do I get to recap outfits for Becca, but also the past three bachelorettes. I loved how the these former bachelorettes came to give advice to Becca on this ‘journey’. (Drink every time someone says journey.. I dare you..). Kaitlyn Bristowe, JoJo Fletcher, and Rachel Lindsey all joined in sharing their experiences, and even handing her a 'Bachelorette Bible' and saging the Bachelor mansion...and other things…


If you follow these four women on social media, you will see that their style in clothing is very different! Kaitlyn is very laid back, and it shows in her style! She is always so effortlessly cool. If you scroll her Instagram you will see a lot of jeans, basic tees, leggings, and an occasional sweater. Don’t sleep on Kaitlyn though, when she dresses up she brings the heat. >>>

I love YOU Mu! @mumuvenice

A post shared by Kaitlyn Bristowe (@kaitlynbristowe) on


Since this is a mimosa/brunchy setting (Don’t you give all your best advice to your girlfriends during brunch? Because I do!), I expected a dressed up, yet laid back version of Kaitlyn. And that’s what we got! At first glance it looks like Kaitlin is wearing a jumpsuit, but don’t be fooled it’s a two piece!

   Two pieces are everything right now!If you’ve scrolled through my store’s website, two pieces are everywhere! They are in such high demand! Kaitlyn wearing the mixed patterns of small polka dots vs. large polka dots is such a fun and cohesive way to play with patterns.    

For my recreation of this look, I have chosen a polka dot jumpsuit with black dots on white! Kaitlyn’s look is effortless (very comfortable to wear!), on trend (polka dots!), and has the look of a jumpsuit (perfect for brunch with the girls!).

<<< Twist and Shout Dotty Jumpsuit + Chantel Heels >>>

Jojo is known for being a fashionista! You never see her in the same thing twice! One reason why I love following her Instagram!

Bell sleeves for the win 🤗 (tap for outfit details 💋)

A post shared by JoJo Fletcher (@joelle_fletcher) on

Her outfits may change, but one thing doesn’t- she keeps it classy & classic through and through. We WOULD see America’s sweetheart in a dress and t-shirt combo for this girl chat! -Classy. AND Classic.

My recreation of this look is as simple as that! A t-shirt over a structured dress! I’m sure you have seen this look in magazines and fashion blogs for the past year! It is perfect for a girl chat convo!

<< Cambric Zippered Dress + Chantel Heels >>

Next up is my girl Rachel. If you scroll through her Instagram feed you see she is a business chick that loves to have fun! (That’s why she’s called Rachel AND Big Rach)

She can do it both- be professional and turn up. Knowing Rachel as well as I do, she’s also a tomboy at heart. It even shows in her fashion! That’s why it’s not surprising to me Rachel chose to wear dark denim (a dressier form of denim) and an off the shoulder black shirt ( it says hey I’m classic, but I also like to party).

My recreation of this look comes in the form of an off the shoulder shirt, untucked, and dark skinny jeans with a heel! Keeping it 100- as Big Rach would say.  

<<< Jadyn Off The Shoulder Top+ Buttoms Up Jeans>>>

Last but not least is our beloved Bachelorette! Becca is a sweet mid-western girl!

Nothing like a strong bond over the love for gravy. #twinning

A post shared by Rebecca Kufrin (@bkoof) on

Her style is simple, elegant, and we don’t see her in a lot of prints via her Instagram. Maybe that will all change this season, but for now Becca is staying true to herself with a light blue polka dot dress and white jacket! I believe Becca’s color is BLUE (I bet you Cary knows this, too). It compliments her skintone, her dark hair and her eyes. We also see (via her Instagram again) that she wore a structured jacket on Ellen, just as she did during this girl chat. One reason why we may be seeing Becca in light colored jackets are because the contrast against her hair! Plus a jacket can oompf up any outfit- It’s an accessory!

I’ve recreated Becca’s outfit with a simple wrap dress, and a light colored jacket.

>> Valley Girl Dress >>> Cassie Duster Coat >>> Chantel Heels >>

Something that all four of these girls have in common.. THEY ALL HAVE A ROCK. Including Becca.. and don’t come after me for ruining it for you- Chris Harrison announced Becca is indeed engaged!  

Next week, I will start will my full recap and impressions of the men! This week I’m not doing first impressions out of the limo for a few reasons.. Firstly, this week should be solely focused on Becca and her girl power squad! Secondly, some of my friends are headed to paradise, and they don’t need to have skewed perceptions of these men based on my opinions! Thirdly, I may know more about these men than I should talk about in my first recap.. Adam may know some of them too…. I’ll just leave it at that. Until next week! 

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  • Michelle McGivern: May 31, 2018

    Where did you get your sunglasses?
    Love them, you and this recap!

  • Gr: May 31, 2018

    You gotta talk about Virgin Colton who dated Tia!!!

  • Devyani: May 30, 2018

    Loved it, can see the great amount of efforts behind it! <3

  • Carly: May 30, 2018

    Thank you for going beyond the show! I love the idea of discussing outfits, and that you will recreate them in an affordable way. I’m always looking for inspiration from instagram.

  • Janna : May 30, 2018

    I love this so much, breaking down the outfits and then showing a Grey Suede ensemble is BRILLIANT! You go girrrlllll ! XO 😘
    Janna – your Arkansas sista

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